Friday, January 2, 2009

Wish you all the happiness folks

I spent the NY at a family friends place digging into Shorshe MaachKwasha Mangsho and Begun Bhaja and a lot of other things. One reason why a lotta people I know in this part of the country don't like Brinjals is because its not made in the best of ways. You guys should try begun bhaja. Else you'll end up like the kid in school who wasn't thought Math well and he grew up to hate it. 

Anyway, the food was great. Greater was the company. So much so no one noticed it tick past 12. And then some one was like:

"Hey Baaro ta beje geche"  (Its past 12)
"Na Na... two minutes to go"
"Arrey na na.. its 12..."

.. 'confusion' ..

"Happy New Year!"

...*Wishes*Hugs*Huddles*Pranams* ..

And then I went back to Adiga's 'White Tiger'. I'm liking it. Suggest you pick up a copy too. 


Happy 2009.