Sunday, March 2, 2008


The past month has witnessed a plethora events that’d make great writing material… the birth of Kosovo, myriad run up to the budget, the sinking sensex, Aussie apology to the Aborgs and the consequent brick bats … .stuff I’ve witnessed in Bangladesh.. and sooo many others…

While am contemplate putting my thoughts down on each of them.. Virat Kholi and Co. have done it! I think Whatmore’e played a very big part in this. It was very professional of him to have agreed to coach a national U-19 considering his illustrious CV… Even otherwise… Its been a great period for Indian cricket… barring performance, it was great to see the on field confidence of the Indian team.. and above all their swagger .. something never ever remotely associated with India.

(Im commenting very late on the below... nevertheless..)

Post retirement, I think the North Block should seriously consider grabbing Kumble for the Diplomatic Corps. His handling of the entire tour has been simply marvelous and am sure he’s left a very many in awe with his articulate off field statesman like skills.

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